Taste Epic Street Food from Afro Taco: Ghanaian-Mexican Fusion from a N.J. Food Truck

Afro Taco is a Newark-based food truck that offers a fusion of West African and Mexican flavors in its menu. The owner, Cliff Mills, draws inspiration from his West African roots and combines it with classic Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas and burritos. The menu features a variety of dishes like stir fries, fried fish, shrimp baskets, crab cakes and vegan options. The standout dish is the jollof rice, which is used as a filling in most of the dishes, including the afro burrito, blackened basa and shrimp platter, and afro tacos.

Cliff Mills, a Newark native, chose to start his business in his hometown due to its rich culinary history and growing food truck culture. The truck has gained a following in the area, and Mills is looking to expand his business.

Aside from serving delicious food, Afro Taco also gives back to the community through partnerships with different organizations. For example, last Christmas, they partnered with the New York Jets, Crumbl, and the city of Newark to donate sneakers to the Newark YMCA.

Afro Taco is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 12:30 PM to 7 PM, Saturdays from noon to 7 PM, and Sundays from 1 PM to 7 PM. Customers can enjoy a variety of dishes that are excellently seasoned and bursting with flavor.

In conclusion, Afro Taco is a unique food truck that offers a fusion of West African and Mexican flavors in its menu. With its delicious food and community-focused efforts, it is a must-visit destination for foodies in Newark.


Source: https://www.nj.com/food/2023/01/this-nj-food-truck-mixes-ghanaian-and-mexican-cuisines-for-epic-street-food.html

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