Monogem’s debut album ‘Gardenia’ is out now

It’s a breath of fresh air when a friend sends you an artist you thoroughly and genuinely enjoy upon first listen. Recently, this happened when I was sent Mexican-American’s artist Monogem’s debut bilingual album entitled Gardenia. The album is so enriched, a delightful listen from front to back, including a cover of the classic hit "Bésame Mucho” made into a beautifully haunted-like version of her own topped off with her hypnotizing vocals.

With songs such as “Soy Lo Que Soy” – an empowering pop track that embodies not caring about the constant change we embrace throughout our lives, and the positive electro-pop track titled “Sólo Amor”, Monogem packs her album with uplifting energy inspired by her heritage and pregnancy. 

On her social media, she says the following about her album: “Gardenia is now yours. The truest representation of myself over the last 2.5 years...a culmination, a story, a connection to the past, present and future. So thankful to my producers Kyle Patrick and Will Snyder for encouraging me to try something new, to sing in a language that was such a huge part of my upbringing...a language that left my body after years of not practicing. I truly want this record to remind you of who you are, where you come from and be proud of it.”

Listen to Gardenia on Spotify.

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Photo courtesy: Monogem


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