Meet Juanita, one of our “Artesanas” at!

As of September of 2021 we have been in business for 2.5 years! For the longest time we have been planning and ideating how we can feature the creators of these beautiful works of art and do justice. 

To give our beloved customers an intimate view into the lives of the Artisans and their day to day, we decided to create a series of videos to highlight aspects of their lives, their dreams, their goals and personalities.

Meet Juanita! She is 28 years old and lives in Puebla. She is one of the over 150 families that you help support when you purchase our products that are made by her and many other Artisans. 

Juanita, like most families we work with, live in rural areas where they combine things like livestock, farming and textile work in order to support their families. In some of these areas the native inhabitants have been living there for centuries and still speak a variety of "Uto Aztecan" dialects but most commonly Nahuatl.

We hope you enjoy this clip!

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  • Anabel

    Please let us know once you start selling plis sizes

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