How to Spend your Sunday Fun Day

You work hard so you should also play hard! Whether you’re into nature, breweries, or live music, we got you covered for an ideal Sunday fun day!

One of my favorite early active things to do is to hike. I love finding new trails, and exploring nature whether it’s locally at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, or traveling to Zion Park in Utah. Nature definitely inspires me and it takes your working mind off the digital screens for a while. Other trails I recommend: Red Rock Canyon trails in Las Vegas, Nevada, Eaton Canyon trail in Pasadena, California, and Peters Canyon in Orange, California.

For something more boozy and chill in days I don’t really want to be counting my steps, I like to try new breweries. Although I live in Los Angeles and can talk about their breweries for hours, I have also visited other city’s breweries – they have so many options that cater to your taste buds. Now I am no brewery expert (maybe one day!) but here are some of my favorite breweries to visit on a Sunday: Ballast Point Brewing Miramar in San Diego, California, Golden Road Brewery in Anaheim, California, and SerVehZah Bottle Shop and Tap Room in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cheers!

Lastly, I recommend spending your Sundays enjoying live music. Now, I am not restricting this only to massive concerts or raves…. I am also talking about the free concerts at the park! Los Angeles is currently hosting one of the coolest summer events right now at the Levitt Pavilion, where they curate 50 free shows for the community every season. Love that for our community – experiencing our Angeleno culture and getting to know local emerging artists. Hope you get to experience this one day!


Photo credit: Jeanette Hernandez

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