From Nothing to Department Stores: Nopalera's Bath & Body line

Over here at Le Catrina Boutique, we love highlighting and empowering our fellow artisans! This week, we are featuring Nopalera – a Mexican botanical for bath and body owned by Latina Sandra Velasquez. What’s incredible about Nopalera is that the luxury brand went from nothing to heavyweight super store Nordstorm in only 10 months! In fact, it is the first Latinx brand to be supported by Nordstorm. Inspiring, isn’t it?

According to their press release, Nordstorm will be carrying the full bath and body line starting on September 10. “Since its launch in November 2020 Nopalera has created a community of people who have rallied around their product and mission which has led to this groundbreaking moment for the Latinx and POC community. Sandra Velasquez isn’t only decolonizing a Eurocentric beauty industry starting with one of the best known American luxury department store chains, but is also inspiring other Latina dreamers,” reads the press release.

It’s an encouragement for others to continue pursuing their dreams, and to aim to be the firsts on mainstream stores. “This is a major milestone for Nopalera. We have accomplished exactly what we set out to do. Namely, create a high end Latina brand that celebrates the beauty of our culture and sits on premium retail shelves. Latina can and does = luxury,” says founder Sandra Velasquez.

You can explore Nopalera now in selected Nordstorm locations, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami, as well as on their website.


Photo Courtesy of Nopalera.


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