Collaboration with @funsizeknits founder & Super Woman Kristen Stiles

As part of our Mission of supporting Women Artisans that make most of our handmade apparel and accessories we launched a new project for Women makers in the USA called "Chingona Launchpad".

For our very first "Chingona Launchpad" we will be collaborating with Kristen Stiles who recently launched IG @funsizeknits. Our goal is to help Women Entrepreneurs, that have products that show some synergy with our brand, propel their businesses forward.

We had an interview with Kristen to learn a bit more about her and what inspired her to start her beautiful hand made beanie business. You can see the full interview here:

Here is the summary of our interview with Kristen Stiles:

Kristen is a single Mom and has been on the front lines of the COVID battle since the start of the pandemic. She works full time in the healthcare industry as an ancillary specialist and also works in the EKG, lab and transport for radiology departments.

She was born and raised in Bishop, CA and still lives there to this day with her daughter. 

When we asked Kristen what her super power is, she mentioned that being a single Mother has forced her to develop super multitasking skills! She cited at one point being a full time student, full time worker and single Mom which is amazing and makes us even more excited to collaborate with this amazing Boss Lady!

The story about what inspired her to start her business is incredible and demonstrates the potential and grit this Woman possesses.

The start of @FunSizeKnits"

Kristen had fallen ill from contracting COVID while taking care of other sick people at the hospital. She had to quarantine to make sure she did not spread the virus further and could recover from this dangerous and potentially life threatening condition.

While in isolation Kristen started to knit and started making these amazing beanies for her and her daughter. She posted them on Instagram and amazingly started to get requests for the beanies first from friends and family, then from the locals in her town!

Kristen is actually a customer of and she posted a photo of a beanie she made to match one of the hoodies she bought from our online store. She tagged us in the photo and we were blown away at how cute these hand made beanies were! It was in that moment that we decided to ask Kristen if she would be interested in collaborating with to help her increase the awareness of her amazing products.



 COLLABORATION @lecatrinaboutique & @funsizeknits

As part of this collaboration Kristen designed these 8 models of Beanies to match with our Hoodies! The are now available in our shop on the landing page and since Kristen makes them by hand they will take aprox. 3 - 4 weeks to ship!

Support this amazing Female Entrepreneur and buy your beanies today!!


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