3 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Look Into

Home decoration is one of the best daily creativity intakes there is once it’s done properly. From art, to the lighting, to the indoor plants that add the perfect natural ambiance to your rooms. There are many studies that show us the advantages of having indoor plants to improve our quality of living. According to Healthline, these studies help us understand the benefits such as: reducing stress levels, sharpening our attention, becoming a therapeutic routine, may help us recover from illness faster, boost our productivity, improve our work perspective, and may improve our quality of indoor air.

Furthermore, it is proven that a cleaner, non-cluttered space helps you work better, and overall feel happier. Ultimately, it is important to keep your home as neat as possible, simply to give you that external endorphin boost. And what’s better than nature to help your mood? Let's look into indoor plants that can create this Namaste atmosphere for our home.

Here are 3 indoor plants to look into – and don’t worry, these are super low maintenance for your convenience. 

  1. Rubber Plant: the two important tips for a rubber plant are: indirect sunlight and watering it once a week.  Additionally, Gardening Know How recommends the following tip: “It is also a good idea to wipe off the leaves of your rubber tree houseplant with a damp cloth or spritz them with water. If you water the rubber tree plant too much, it will signal you by the leaves turning yellow and brown and falling off.”
  1. Snake Plant: these plants can survive in low oxygen levels. According to NASA, they help with cleaning the air inside your home.  The important tips for snake plants include low indirect sunlight, and the least watering possible. Gardening Know How’s hot tip is to use a free draining soil to avoid rotting of the snake plant.
  1. Pothos Plant: these are my personal favorite; I have two in my apartment. They’re so easy to maintain! They also require indirect light, and I’ve grown them in either dry soil or water. So, nothing special when it comes to soil maintenance! Talk about easy! Gardening Know How’s tip is keeping it away from direct sunlight.


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